The story of my car

Have you ever thought you were in a dream, living someone else’s life.  You pinch yourself repeatedly and yet still you dont wake up. Yes it really happened, yes the tragedy struck but then again you are alive and so have a lot to be grateful for.

Often I have heard tales of people who bought their car and lost it on the same day. “It was a complete write off,” those who would have gone to the site of the accident will narrate. I would distantly take note of the details and feel sorry for the person, then move on with my life. What a shame, how could something so terrible happen to this person, I would think. But I never really comprehended the enormity of the pain and shock the owner goes through, losing something so new and which they were excited to have acquired. The convenience of a car in a country like mine, where using public transport is a night mare is a privilege that everyone wants to enjoy.

So today there will be no Chronicles. Instead there is just me and the hollow feeling in my stomach because today I am one of those people I always used to hear people talking about. Yesterday I bought a car. Today I was involved in an accident. Ok I  may be lucky it did not become a complete write off but it was damaged. I thank God I am safe, but now I understand what it feels like to lose something before you had it in your grasp.

Life teaches us to be thankful for each day but it also teaches us not to wallow in our miseries in times of distress. So tomorrow I shall continue the journey of my Chronicles but today let me be sad for the damage that happened to my car.

9 thoughts on “The story of my car

  1. Hey Rumbi, I am really sorry to hear this, I only just found out. I am glad that you are ok, thats what matters. Car, you can get another my dear. Keep up the good work, following closely the chronicles, such a great inspiration. Thank you for celebrating Zimbabwe’s iron ladies. I ought to do a chronicle of you too..


    1. Hey dear. The damage was pretty minor. The only oring part is for that to happen to something soon after you get it. Thanks for your warm thoughts.

  2. awwww, sorry to hear that. i hear you on the hollow feeling, the pain must come, not just from that its gone, but that you didn’t quite “enjoy” it. that said i’m glad one of my favorite strangers is okay! hugs and good vibes.
    ps, we will write you a silly poem to make you feel better, the only catch is we’ll make sure you wont see it. but it will be there, somewhere :))

    1. Thank you dear one. Hugs back for the comforting words. I can see and hear the poem already, ice-cream to my eyes 🙂 and music to my ears 🙂 Thank you.

  3. Sorry for that hey, but you’re alive and able to live another day- it could have been worse.
    So sorry, but you will be ok,

  4. Sorry about that dear…. accidents are just one of those stochastic things about life. Glad you’re okay and I hope God makes a way for you in financing the repairs (He often does stun us in such ways).

    Much love!

    1. Thank you Dee. I feel so much better now, all thanks to the women in my family, my mum and my sisters who were immediately there for me in my moment of distress, as they have always been. And a BIG thank you for your support on my blog, no one reads and follows the Chronicles as faithfully as you do, thank you for that.

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