A Porridge Eating Competition.. (a bedtime story)

Human Rights

I was enthralled reading ZanaKay’s blog, and she is right too, why must a whole nation be held at ransom by and be dependant upon a few individuals who are serving their own interests, ANYWAY. Vote wisely, don’t just vote-ask yourself why are you voting for these people. And as ZanaKay puts it “Cool heads we must keep.”


iNow children ,I am going to tell you a story about my village. I lived there with my grandmother when I was very young while my mother worked in the city as a house girl (that is what we call them here). I lived there when the skies were still cloudy with hope. In a way I still live there. There is a sincere innocent part of the soul/mind where one is always 7 years old.

In my village every year, the chief held a porridge eating competition. Only men participated in the porridge eating competition. I don’t know why women were not allowed to contest seeing as it is the women who farmed the maize ,pound the grain and cooked it into a tasty porridge. It is women who gave birth to the men that would later grow up to eat the porridge. If women could nurse the porridge…

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