Zim’s New Cabinet: An Open Letter to Mr R.G Mugabe

Human Rights

This blog, by Kuda Chitsike speaks to the question that many women have: Really-we could not find any more than 3 educated women in the whole of Zimbabwe to occupy cabinet posts?

Chitsike says;
“We as Zimbabweans have always prided ourselves in our education, this year we were rated as having a literacy rate of more than 90%. Unfortunately this percent was not gender disaggregated. Had it been, then that would have been something I would draw your attention to.”

She goes on to say;
“Could it be that, Mr President, you meant to say that women in your party are the uneducated ones, since you were only looking within the party for these posts? If that is the case, then I understand. You were clearly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Your desire must have been to have a number of competent women in the Cabinet not only to adhere to the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development ratified by the 7th Parliament in October 2009, but also so that Zimbabwe achieves the gender equality enshrined in our constitution. I understand if you say that in your party, there were just not enough competent female candidates. What could you do but select the best of the lot? You only managed to find 3.”

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by Kudakwashe Chitsike

Dear Mr President,

I read with concern an article in one of the newspapers, which reported that you defended your decision to appoint only three women to Cabinet by saying that Zimbabwean women are uneducated and do not have the intellectual capacity to take up office. The newspaper quoted you directly as having said the following: “Give us the women. This time we did proportional representation; there were just not enough women. Women are few in universities.” Is this really true, Mr President? I have always regarded you as a progressive man, and I am having a hard time believing that these were your words. Perhaps the media misunderstood you, or just deliberately misconstrued your statement. The private media is very mischievous, isn’t it?

You have been the president, and therefore boss of this country for more than 30 years, overseeing everything that happens in your government…

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One thought on “Zim’s New Cabinet: An Open Letter to Mr R.G Mugabe

  1. I personally concur with president’s statement. Do you think that organ called Women’s League participates on decision making at all. The organ wakes up when it comes to campaigns for elections only. There are influential members of the party, who happen to be males. Here, they mobilise these woman for the party to win the elections. Be that as it may, it pains me so much knowing that there are many educated, intelligent, courageous ladies out there, who deserve these leadership posts, but won’t get the chance at all.Mr president is quite aware of all this, never doubt him. All in all, there are so many very educated Zimbabwean ladies world over.

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